It is said that there was a Song-Dynasty legend about Zhuang brocade. According to the legend, there was a Zhuang ethnic woman called Sister Dani, who became an expert cloth weaver. Unlike other cloth weavers, she was keen on continuous innovation. Once, in order to create a new pattern, she sat at the doorway, racking her brains while watching a big spider web under the eaves. From moon rise to moon fall and to sunrise of the following morning, she still had no clues at all.

Just as she was about to leave, she suddenly saw the morning sunshine on the spider web full of dewdrops. The whole web was shining with a palette of colors. It looked extremely beautiful. A wonderful ideal struck Sister Dani, who instantly ran to the central room and moved the loom out, putting it right under the eaves. Watching the beautiful patterns and colors of the spider web, she began to weave with multicolor silk threads.

With her deft hands flying up and down without a stop, she managed to weave a piece of brocade within just half a day. After learning Sister Dani's success, the Zhuang weaving girls from various areas all came to learn from her. Thus the Zhuang brocade weaving technique was spread in places with the Zhuang population.

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