'Pig Cage' Loom


There are two major techniques of weaving Zhuang brocade: 1) using ordinary looms; 2) using "pig cage"loom. Zhuang brocade woven with a "pig cage" loom is pretty much three dimensional, with a variety of patterns.

loom,zhuang brocadeThe form of a bamboo looms are well preserved today in Tan's Brocade Workshop in Guangxi. The jacquard mechanism of the loom is woven with bamboo and looks like a pig cage, hence the name of "bamboo cage loom" or "pig cage loom". The loom is made with locally sourced bamboo and wood. The structure may not be complicated, but the design is extremely creative, fully showing the important principle of patterning through a certain procedure according to the specific conditions of patterns. The loom laid a good technical foundation for later development.

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