July 2010, the largest Zhuang Brocade artwork is worked out as a special gift to EXPO event from Guangxi people.
Feb 2010,Master Tan was invited to perfom Zhuang weaving technique live in Malaysia National Craft Day.
In 2009, student of Master Tan was invited to perform zhuang weaving technique on a traditional "pig cage" loom at the 5th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair.
In 2007, a brocade was woven by Master Tan and her students to depict Victoria Harbor for the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China. The elaborate piece, 3.5 meters in length and 2.4 meters in width, was the largest Zhuang brocade in the world. This wonderous gift, carrying best wishes to Hong Kong and now preserved in a government building, remains much admired by the island's residents.
In 2004, Tan and craftpersons at Guangxi Arts & Crafts Research Institution wove the large 'two phoenix embracing flowers' zhuang brocade which was presented to ASEAN exhibition.

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