Biography of Master Tan XiangGuang 

Born in Bingyang County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in June 1955, Ms. Tan Xiangguang is known as both Brocade Arts & Crafts Master and Arts & Crafts Art Master of China. 

Since July 1970, Tan began to learn Zhuang ethnic brocade technique from Ms. Liang ShuYing, also known as Arts & Crafts Art Master of China for around 13 years. As the only successor of Master Liang, Tan assumed the role of General Manager of Bingyang Ethnic Brocade Plant and General Manager of Brocade Plant attached to Guangxi Air & Craft Research Institution successively. Engaged in brocade craftsmanship for 39 years, Ms. Tan is  an expert in the ethnic brocade technique of Guangxi Zhuang Nationality style and also is thetans,zhuang brocade successor of GuangXi Zhuang Borcade Technique. Over the past 39 years, Master Tan has brought up more than 30 brocade workers. She once were invited to perform Zhuang brocade technique live in Japan, Malaysia and Hong Kong with her students. Nowadays, countless brocade weaved by Ms. Tan and her students have already won high acclaim by both domestic and overseas markets. 

Tan was awarded Brocade Arts & Crafts Master of China and Arts & Crafts Art Master of China respectively in August and December 2006.


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